Play School / Nursery

Shivansh kejriwal has been a part of Little Palms since playschool and we have seen him evolve through the education received from the school. Little Palms has always encouraged us to have a positive outlook.The environment and teaching style of little palms has helped lay a great educational & over all developmental foundation for Shivansh. We will really miss being at little palms. Thank you to all the teachers for every thing all of you have done for Shivansh.

Rashi and Ayush Kejriwal

We want to thank all of you for being Meera’s second home for the last few years! Under all your guidance we are so happy to see she has bloomed into a confident friendly toddler, full of curiosity, kindness & energy. The environment and teaching style of little palms has helped lay a great educational & over all developmental foundation for Meera.
As parents it’s also taught us to trust the experts- all of you undoubtedly know how it’s done 😊 even in the pandemic situation all the teachers were able to keep the momentum in our kids growth path and amazingly connect with them even via online school.
We will really miss being at little palms. And thank you for every thing all of you have done for Meera!

Divya & Rachit Mathur

Our daughter Dhiyaana has been a part of Little Palms since the Mother Toddler programme and we have seen her evolve over the years through the education received from the school. Little Palms has always encouraged us to have positive outlook. We are extremely grateful that our daughter has been taught by teachers and taken care of by the staff very well. The members of Little Palms have always been accepting and have worked with her closely by development through a holistic approach. We have seen Dhiyaana’s transformation over the years. The school programme ensures that the core and concepts taught by them are firmly imbibed in them to esnsure that the child does not have a difficult time when she moves to higher shcool.
The school has adapted to the fast changing external environment and provided us with a very structured manner of learning. We are thankful to the teachers, support staff and school for teaching and caring for Dhiyaana over the years.

Dhiyaana’s parents

At the outset , Sahil & I would like to thank you both and your wonderful team of teachers at Little Palms, for the wonderful two years that our son Arshaan Jaffrey has spent there.
Apart from the curriculum being par excellence, the emphasis that your institution and it’s teachers lay on the emotional well being of the child; requires a special mention.
Although our time at Little Palms may have come to an end , the memories that Arshaan and we as parents carry, are very precious. Ones that we will cherish through the years to come.
Once again we ‘thank’ the pair of you and your wonderful team for looking after our precious son so beautifully and kindly. We hope that you will still stay connected with us. Furthermore, we would like you to know that we will always be there for the school , in any way that we can.

Karuna & Sahil Jaffrey

Thank you so much Zarna Aunty and Rupal Aunt yfor an incredible week!The kids thoroughly enjoyed all the activities and at the same time it was also explained why we celebrate christmas..sowellin the form of stories/activities/art and craft..
The dances ,the christmas carols and the puppet show was like a cherry on the cake!!Very well planned and executed by the entire team LPA big thank you for the Christmas goodies.. All the kids have loved it.A festival is a good time to remind us to be grateful for what we have. And today we are extremely proud to be a part of the LP family. Thank you little Palms for bringing out the original meaning of every festival.

Panthini, Amaira’s Mom

Thank you for the most wonderful celebration of Christmas. Each festival at Little Palms is celebrated with such gusto. It’s truly amazing. I think the parents were dancing more than the babies.
The event was seamlessly coordinated and the surprises kept the children engaged and excited. thank you once again for all the efforts put in by the entire team in ideating and executing these events!

Nisheeta Gupta , Ayaan Guptas mom

Little Palms has been an absolute calming effect to my constant worry about the educational growth of my child during the lockdown. When our children are in pre school, we are always thinking about how they will manage themselves during big school interviews. With Little Palms, we hardly had the time to really stress out about this.
In a matter of weeks, we had a wonderfully well – organised and structured weekly planner alongwith zoom meetings for extra co curricular activities. It kept us going for so many days, making us spend more time with our children, playing and learning alongwith them.During the summer break, we were all so used to the planners and the activities, that we just repeated the entire lot, replicating the enjoyment once again.
In June, taking in all our feedback and suggestions, the school is not only giving us revised and detailed planners but also concept zoom meetings with the teachers, keeping in mind the age and capacity of the child so as to limit screen time to a minimum.
The faculty has just been excellent.They have supported us parents in keeping our children in line with their academic growth.

Tamanna Dala
Dhruv Dalal (Nursery)

During these tough times where no one was prepared or even knew what to expect – Little Palms has wonderfully guided us parents through planners and zoom sessions. The singing zoom sessions helps the children connect with their teachers and class mates.The school has definitely tried it’s best to provide the right platform for these young toddlers.
We would like to thank all the teachers for all the hard work they have put in the past few months. We are really proud to be a part of the Little Palms family.

Riddhi Kapadia (Aarya Kapadia)

The COVID lockdown has been very testing for us, like for everyone. However, we have been fortunate that our child attends Little Palms. As soon as the first few cases were seen in Mumbai, Little Palms decided to discontinue physical school to keep our children safe.The school moved quickly and started sending us exhaustive lesson plans to do at home. These plans covered all areas of learning. They kept the kids busy, and put them in a learning routine. Moreover, the extracurricular activities continued via Zoom and the little ones got a chance to see their teachers and friends and stay connected to school. Their teaching methods are easy to adapt at home and at a reasonable pace.
I really appreciate the efforts put in by the Team.

Meenal Damani
Mother of Avyana Damani – UKG

Even during such volatile times – I am amazed at the efforts put in by the Principals and teachers.
Within a few days of the lockdown they put together a comprehensive program for the kids.
They promptly started zoom sessions – keeping in mind that the kids are small – with limited attention span and screen time.
What I loved the most – was the weekly planners – which were carefully planned keeping a theme in mind and all activities – large motor, small motor – planned around it.
I really appreciate the efforts put in by the Team.

Dr. Khushboo Thakker Garodia

As parents of a 2 year old toddler , we were very apprehensive when the lockdown started, on how homeschooling would work. All our apprehensions proved unfounded as the school sent detailed lesson plans of various activities to do with the kids daily. The plans were comprehensive. In addition, the biweekly zoom classes, completed the circle. What differentiates the school, in our opinion, is the ability to be nimble and quickly adapt to new methods and feedback, while keeping the development of our kids as the central focus.

Divya and Tushar
Parents of Abeer Mahajan – Pre Nursery

I am extremely grateful and proud to be a part of Little Palms family. The school has a holistic approach and especially during the time of lockdown they have ensured that our children do not miss out on learning and development as the first five years are extremely crucial for the brain development of a child. Their curriculum is set in a way which helps preschoolers enhance their various skills and they greatly focus on enriching their vocabulary. Having specialized in Neurosciences myself, I understand that vocabulary improves all the centers in the brain- listening, speaking, reading and writing and this helps children to think and learn about the world. The school has planned the entire curriculum in a way that we mothers can easily replicate it at home with our kids. LP family has truly been a great support and guidance in our journey of parenthood especially during these trying times of Covid19. A big thank you to Team LP.

(Panthini Parikh – Mother of Amaira Parikh)

With the ever changing circumstances, predicting a start date for school has been almost impossible. The only possible option to educate every child across every age group is homeschooling. My 3 years old child has had limited access to any sort of screen time in the past.At first, lockdown homeschooling was extremely challenging. From having to get my child to understand why he needs to sit in front of a screen to learn to getting him to physically follow an ongoing task , the entire journey has been a process. This process was scary at first.But with sufficient guidelines and adequate support from school, our experience has gotten much better. Safety of our child is of utmost importance, so if keeping my child safe means adapting to new methods, we’re always ready to adapt.

Brinda Kapur 
Child’s name : Reyaansh Kapur , LKG

We wanted a playschool for Avyana where she would have a joyous introduction to education, and where she would learn to be confident and independent. And we are happy to say that Little Palms has succeeded on all fronts, and more! Avyana loves going to school, has become more social and happily takes to new places and people. Along with honing her existing interests, Little Palms has seamlessly introduced new skill sets in her, and the play way method used has made learning fun. The school has increased both her knowledge and curiosity, and is giving her the perfect foundation to blossom and succeed here on.

Meenal Damani – Pre-Nursery
(Investment Banker)

We have had the privilege of sending both our children to Little Palms school. The credit for success of the school goes to Zarna and Rupal aunty. Their painstaking efforts, attention to detail and zeal for teaching our young ones is truly remarkable. All the teachers are also extremely well trained and they go about their duties with a lot of enthusiasm. Both of our kids have gained tremendous knowledge and skills thanks to the professional approach of the school. Furthermore, they look forward to going to school everyday because of the friendly and homely atmosphere. We are truly grateful to both Zarna and Rupal aunty and we cherish our long association with the school.

Vaibhav and Radhika Jatia – Upper K.G.
(Entrepreneur & Home Maker)

Aradhya used to be a shy and introvert child and with consistent help of the teachers, she has blossomed into a young confident girl. What they have learnt here, will stay with them forever. We as parents are thankful and grateful to the whole institution for the love, care and attention towards our child.

Prachi and Vishesh Agarwal – Transition
(Home Maker & Industrialist)

“My daughter only started playschool at Little Palms 6 months ago but can’t wait to go to school every morning. I love the simplicity of this school and the fact that they make teaching
and learning fun giving the children ample opportunity to explore, develop and grow. As a mother, I feel so proud to see my daughter develop holistically thanks to the basic values, good habits and discipline the school inculcates through everyday stories, song, dance, field trips etc. Thank you for the all the effort you’ll put in.”

Shweta Khanna – Playgroup

Love the school. Not a single day when my 2 year old has said i don’t want to go to school. Not a single teary eyed day. Happy kids make very happy Parents. I was initially very apprehensive about my daughter settling in, but after joining, i realised the school is very sure of what works & what doesn’t & they are not taking any unnecessary chances with the kids. Thank You Zarna Aunty & Rupal Aunty, with so many years of experience, i’m very happy my daughter is in your hands.

Anchal Jhaveri – Pre-Nursery

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the faculty members and support staff for all the care and attention given to our daughter Jia. The environment at Little Palms is
vibrant, creative and most importantly warm; and for our daughter it was truly a home away from home. What we really admire about Little Palms, is the importance given to emotional
and social development of the child, in addition to the academic and co-curricular activities.  Little Palms has provided Jia with a wonderful experience and a strong foundation that will
stay with her for a life time.

Binita & Utkarsh Katkoria – Upper K.G.
(Professional & Fund Manager)

We appreciate the individual attention given to each child to find their own voice and how they could do so at their own pace. We saw Ira go from a shy girl in Janice Aunty’s class to an overtly talkative one in Rupal Aunty’s. From the beginning (transition away from maids), to skipping (Jumping from nursery to UKG), the teachers have made every transition easy for her. We know Ira has learnt a lot in class, through letter land, number land and shape land programs and fun activity sheets, as she did from outdoor field trips (garden visits, aquarium, horse stable to name a few). We believe the school has helped prepare Ira to shine in ABWA and want to thank everyone at Little Palms for taking such wonderful care of Ira.

Aarthi & Chockalingam 
(Vice President – Elara Capital & Banker)

“Such a happy place” – an apt description for this wonderful school. Our daughter Nandini, always emerges smiling and has taken to singing the school song with gusto!
The faculty is warm, loving and accessible – a ready sounding board for advice and reassurance. The curriculum is well structured combining academics, sports, music, dance and cultural events like Diwali, Christmas etc. We could not have found a better school to help shape our child’s mind.

Pia Deshpande/Nilang Desai – Pre-Nursery

Little Palm’s School has been one of the most wonderful experiences. We joined for their Mother Toddler class when my baby was 10 months old, because I wanted him to
have interaction besides us. We have then joined their preschool, play school nursery programmes and have been most comfortable throughout. What I like about the school
most importantly is the down to earth approach to things and absolutely non la di dah attitude which some preschools in South Bombay have. I wanted to have a relaxed gentle environment for my sensitive child and I got it here. The second thing I love about this school from the mother toddler program to nursery is the amount of efforts this school takes
to put up stuff for children make crafts at home and display them, story telling as well as their excursions to museums, parks, race course stables, etc. Children are encouraged to be independent from end of pre nursery onwards. Overall we are very happy that we chose this school over all others to nurture our child.

Dr. Nilofer M Currawalla – Playschool

We love how Yuvaan learns through play, interactions and experiences at Little Palms. The school has made him more independent, confident and ready for his next class.
It’s the perfect balance between discipline and playful techniques.

Saatvik &  Reema Jain – Pre-Nursery
(Industrialist & Home Maker)