Mother Toddler

The parent toddler program at little palms has been an incredible experience. I owe a big thank you to the teachers who motivate, encourage and challenge my daughter to learn, see, and express things as a 15 month old that I did not imagine possible. Each weekly lesson revolves around a new theme, whether it be fruits, animals, or airplanes; and without fail the room gets transformed to stimulate the children’s sense of sight, sound and touch. I highly recommend this program to new and seasoned parents alike as it helps fosters an important bond with your child at an early age.

Ameesha Mansukhani


My search for a very hands-on and holistic Mother-Toddler program for my twins, Aveer & Zaina ended the day I walked into Little Palms School. From the very beginning the school gave a very warm and approachable feel which was so important to a first time mom. And in the subsequent 6 months I have been more than validated. My two shy kids have blossomed so well and are now two very confident, assertive and individual beings. They have learned to express themselves and reach out to other children and adults with more enthusiasm. The teachers and staff are so loving and encouraging that my kids can’t wait to get into class as soon as we reach the building! The Mother-Toddler Program really helped me interact better with my kids as well as look for cues to what they want to do and how they want to be. Every class is a fun, surprise filled adventure for all 3 of us. We love the messy days and the play days, the singing and dancing, and all the hugs and kisses we get and give. Thanks to all the staff at Little Palms for making our time there so precious and for being such a big influence in the lives of these 2 toddlers. A great beginning for us indeed!

Yadika Sharma


My husband and I are very happy that we decided to enroll our twins Nysa & Neev in the Mother Toddler Program at Little Palms. The teaching method is play way and they conduct a wide variety of learning activities, each day had a focused theme which we thought was excellent as their innovative ways help the child to learn by visual and touch & feel. For someone who comes from the traditional method of teaching, watching the children move all around the class or sit on the teacher’s lap while the teaching is going on and also the emphasis being on the mother being actively involved with the child in class was great.The teachers are the strength of the program, they made the children feel comfortable and encouraged them to interact and be involved in the planned activities. The daily memento given to the child was also a great touch.The program is important as it helps the children to be social and increase their level of interaction with people outside the house in a safe and secure environment. Special mention to Miss Sheetal & Miss Jyoti for taking great care of the twins.

Nachiket & Shivangi Shetye


As first time parents, we weren’t sure of what to expect from mother toddler sessions at Little Palms. However, the program exceeded our expectations and beyond. The sessions were structured and the teachers were extremely loving. Our son not only enjoyed the sessions but also furthered his social and motor skills. The effort that the teachers put in making the classes innovative and engaging speaks volume about their dedication. I would highly recommend Little Palms to everyone in my circle. 

Garima Ahluwalia